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Put a face to your contacts

Are you too lazy or embarrassed to ask people to let it take a photo to your address book?

SetFace puts face to your contacts looking for public images on the Internet that may have profiles, photo albums, blogs, etc ...

SetFace has been selected as finalist at AppCircus Developer Day Contest 2012 in Barcelona.

++++++ NEW FEATURES v.2.0 +++++

This new release comes charged with the following new features:

- You can now choose which networks you want to search for your contacts images.

- You can change, at the time of the search, the name you want to search.

- You can send your contact an email with the photo you've found of him.

- Searches are always performed by the exact name and surname, eliminating unwanted photos.

All these new features will find in the application settings (tap the gears icon) or in the iPhone settings.

Fixed some minor bugs to get a user experience even more enjoyable.

Take a look at Vimeo video

SetFace from ScratchCatalà on Vimeo.

- Displays the contact group preset in your contacts settings.

- Only contact with first and / or last name will be displayed in SetFace. It makes no sense to put a face to a company, right?

- Are sorted according to the established order in your contacts settings.

- Pictures shown may not match the selected contact, success depends on the visibility / notoriety on the Internet of the person sought.

Available in English, Spanish and Catalan. You can choose in your iPod / iPhone from one of these languages.

Data consumption is very small, only 150KB, but as with any APP use Wi-Fi whenever you can to keep your data plan.

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